What do they think of President Trump in Japan?

First of all, some Japanese are very reluctant to express and opinion on politics. Others have a politically correct line that they’ve heard somewhere and figure it’s the least offensive thing to say. Others claim not to know what’s going on. Other really don’t. Still, there are some that have a well-rehearsed argument that they dig up every time politics comes up. Since asking what Japanese think of Donald Trump or America is like asking what Americans eat for breakfast, one way to try to get some insight is to look at the news.

These links lead to articles in Japanese.
Livedoor – Since the scandal about President Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels hit the news, we don’t see Melania in the same place as Donald.

Toyokeizei – Trump is a brazen New Yorker who says that putting America first is good for the world. He’s pro-business so this is no surprise.

President magazine online has an interesting piece by a psychologist, who says that even after 1 year in office, the outbursts continue, such as calling some countries “toilets.” (The Japanese are so polite.) But she goes on to say that even though she has not had a chance to interview him face to face, he comes across as having a lack self-awareness and a very high opinion of himself.

These links lead to articles in English.
Support for the United States in Japan has dropped to the lowest level in nine years

Opinion piece about the the deserved disaster of Donald Trump. A contributor, Kotaru, had a very good point. I’ll paraphrase. Don’t spew hate for people who don’t think the same. Ask, “Why did Trump win?” or “Did the Democrats make any mistakes in the campaign?”

The madness of King Donald – commentary by Elizabeth Drew, who has very little good to say about President Trump

The Japan times, depending on who is in charge, can lean anti-Trump bias and anti-American. Americans are portrayed as buffoons and the country is portrayed as divided, dangerous, and sinking slowly.

U.S. spies bilked for $100,000 by Russian peddling Trump secrets: report

Amid a White House in tumult, Trump defends former aide accused of abuse
The (not so) subtle note is that the White House is in disarray.

Even Pence can’t get it right:
Pence’s bid to isolate North Korea at Olympics falls flat

To be fair, most of these articles are straight from AP. But the Japan Times also employees some journalists that seem to have an axe to grind. Check out the

You can pretty much guess if you ask a Japanese person what they think, they’ll give you something from one of the above publications, much like Americans will give you an answer straight off of Fox or CNN.

Very few will have a Rogan/Crowder/Shapiro/Klavan line of reasoning that puts actions before party or public figure. In other words:

Trump = bad
Hillary = good
Obama = good

That’s one-dimensional thinking.

Check out this YouTube video to see how people react to President Trump’s State of the Union address rather harshly, until they find out the quotes they are attacking come from President Obama.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence playing candy crush makes the Japanese news

Rep. Brenda Lawrence was busted playing Candy Crush during President Trump’s State of the Union Address. While she is not the first person to get busted doing something like this, her timing could not have been worse. Below is a clip from a Japanese news source, Live Door. See the article in Japanese here.

She has now become an international meme, and here is my effort to further the meme.

Luis Gutiérrez leaves SOTU in protest!

So Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) got up and walked out in protest when Republicans started to chant “USA, USA”. I think some knee jerk reporters got duped in to attacking him over this.

What really happened?
Breitbart said he “stormed” out. Not really sure about that. Maybe he was just in a hurry. They did mention he was leaving to go do an interview for Univision. Of course, it doesn’t help that Gutiérrez denounced President Trump as being “explicitly racist” after that interview.
Ben Shapiro says that he can’t deal with people chanting “USA” so he left. I usually agree with Ben, but this time I have to wonder.
Gutiérrez’ office just said he was trying to bet the crowd. (Nothing to see here.)

It sure doesn’t help that Gutiérrez keeps saying that President Trump is a con artist.

Let’s address one of the most idiotic comments that I’ve seen repeated over and over again on YouTube and “news” websites:
Gutiérrez is not an American. Yes, he is. He was born in 1953 in the U.S. Please check the facts before tearing in to him. The fact that he opposes the President does not make him un-American. In fact, what could be more American than a person whose ancestors are not from the US who rises up to become a State Rep and protests against a President who used to be a reality TV Star. It does say something very sad about society today when Gutiérrez he is forced to give little soundbites for the nightly news rather than make a cogent argument.

So while I lean right, I can’t fault this gentleman for protesting just because he left during a Republican President’s speech. I don’t agree with making accusations without giving some evidence. Even if he walked out in protest, that’s his decision. He takes the risk or reaps the reward for that move if, indeed, it was a protest. I buy the explanation that he was going to do an interview with Univision. Poor scheduling, to be sure. And his timing, no doubt, was lousy. But Un-American? How dare you?

Thoughts from the echo chamber – SOTU

A FaceBook post caught my attention today. On the heels of President Trump’s SOTU address, somebody wrote this:

This is what you start to see if you only read liberal media, and why I try read writers who support a spectrum of viewpoints. Let’s break this down.

By most accounts, the economy is strong under President Trump.
The Spectator says that the economy is “roaring.”
Vox says that stocks are up, but that only benefits the ultra-rich.
Fortune probably gives the most comprehensive report card.

But the overall consensus is that the economy is up, so the first part of this is not true.

The whole idea of destroying everything they touch is too vague to address.

But does the very presence of the GOP incite damage and destruction? I don’t see pro-lifers who want to put America first doing any damage. A strong America is good for the world. I’m so glad to see the return of pride in America, patriotism, and love of country. It’s healthy. It’s good. Loving your country doesn’t mean you hate others.

This is one reason I support free speech, especially for people I disagree with. It allows them to bring their thoughts out of the echo chamber and expose them to the light.

God Bless America!

Fire and Fury – aimed at Hillary Clinton

Boy, Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to catch a break. First, she loses the election. Then the story breaks that she was a big Harvey Weinstein supporter. So with the best intentions, she went on the 2018 Grammys to troll President Trump and support the #metooo movement (wait for it).

As predicted, Twitter exploded. One of my favorite tweets was from Ben “facts don’t care about your feelings” Shapiro. You can follow Ben Shapiro here: @benshapiro

There was one tweet that praised her performance, but it almost looked like he was trolling her. The rest just took shots are Clinton. It is rather odd that a person who has been accused of helping her husband cover up sex scandals was used to honor the #metoo movement. And the hits just keep coming.

The icing on the cake came from Donald Trump Jr.The internet has allowed people to say exactly what they think. I just wonder if politicians are listening.

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All news is fake news

This site is supposed to be tongue in cheek. But underneath the silliness is a real earnestness. I think that television is a useful educational tool. The countless hours of documentaries I have seen were full of excellent information. But I also think television can be used as a tool to spread misinformation. I see it in the financial news. I see it in health news. And I see it in politics.

In May of 2014, I stopped watching TV. It was not a conscious decision. But it had a profound effect on me. It was like when I quit drinking soda. After a very short time, I didn’t miss it. And when I did watch a few minutes of television in a restaurant, I noticed what a hypnotic effect it had on me. It was hard to turn away, even when the subject matter was mindless (most of television is empty calories for the brain). Now, when I speak to a person who watches a lot of television, it’s almost as if I’m talking to a brainwashed zombie.

When you see a video like this, you realize how detrimental TV is to clear thinking.

Yes, your nightly news is scripted. Seeing is believing.

Why Clickbait Fake News, Part II

Now we’ll tackle fake news. In January of 2018, it’s fairly obvious why a person would create a website just to talk about fake news. There’s a LOT of it out there.

President Donald Trump might be responsible for making the term go mainstream. He called CNN fake news and said they are doing a poor job of reporting the news. And most recently, he gave out the awards for the top 10 fake news stories.

The purpose of this site is not to fact check politicians. In fact, we might even generate some fake news. Enjoy!

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Why Clickbait Fake News, Part I

First, let’s start with clickbait.

An example of clickbait is a link that appears on a website with a catchy title that arouses your curiosity and makes you want to click on the link.

How does clickbait work? People surfing the web click on the link. The owner of the web site gets paid by advertisers who place their ads on the clickbait web site.

An even more insidious type of clickbait is the one that has you click through multiple pages of the website to get to the end of a story, building anticipation that there will be some type of emotional payoff for continuing to click. You’ve see them. “This father and daughter took the same picture for 30 years. Try not to cry when you see the last one.”

Who wouldn’t click on that? You want to see a proud father holding his little daughter, the little girl growing up, graduating high school, etc. And you expect to see the last one with a 30 year old woman holding her father’s ashes in a box or some other type of tear-jerking picture.

Well, if you’ve clicked on one these stories, you’ve taken the bait

Disclaimer: This site is clickbait.