Rep. Brenda Lawrence playing candy crush makes the Japanese news

Rep. Brenda Lawrence was busted playing Candy Crush during President Trump’s State of the Union Address. While she is not the first person to get busted doing something like this, her timing could not have been worse. Below is a clip from a Japanese news source, Live Door. See the article in Japanese here.

She has now become an international meme, and here is my effort to further the meme.

Luis Gutiérrez leaves SOTU in protest!

So Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) got up and walked out in protest when Republicans started to chant “USA, USA”. I think some knee jerk reporters got duped in to attacking him over this.

What really happened?
Breitbart said he “stormed” out. Not really sure about that. Maybe he was just in a hurry. They did mention he was leaving to go do an interview for Univision. Of course, it doesn’t help that Gutiérrez denounced President Trump as being “explicitly racist” after that interview.
Ben Shapiro says that he can’t deal with people chanting “USA” so he left. I usually agree with Ben, but this time I have to wonder.
Gutiérrez’ office just said he was trying to bet the crowd. (Nothing to see here.)

It sure doesn’t help that Gutiérrez keeps saying that President Trump is a con artist.

Let’s address one of the most idiotic comments that I’ve seen repeated over and over again on YouTube and “news” websites:
Gutiérrez is not an American. Yes, he is. He was born in 1953 in the U.S. Please check the facts before tearing in to him. The fact that he opposes the President does not make him un-American. In fact, what could be more American than a person whose ancestors are not from the US who rises up to become a State Rep and protests against a President who used to be a reality TV Star. It does say something very sad about society today when Gutiérrez he is forced to give little soundbites for the nightly news rather than make a cogent argument.

So while I lean right, I can’t fault this gentleman for protesting just because he left during a Republican President’s speech. I don’t agree with making accusations without giving some evidence. Even if he walked out in protest, that’s his decision. He takes the risk or reaps the reward for that move if, indeed, it was a protest. I buy the explanation that he was going to do an interview with Univision. Poor scheduling, to be sure. And his timing, no doubt, was lousy. But Un-American? How dare you?

Thoughts from the echo chamber – SOTU

A FaceBook post caught my attention today. On the heels of President Trump’s SOTU address, somebody wrote this:

This is what you start to see if you only read liberal media, and why I try read writers who support a spectrum of viewpoints. Let’s break this down.

By most accounts, the economy is strong under President Trump.
The Spectator says that the economy is “roaring.”
Vox says that stocks are up, but that only benefits the ultra-rich.
Fortune probably gives the most comprehensive report card.

But the overall consensus is that the economy is up, so the first part of this is not true.

The whole idea of destroying everything they touch is too vague to address.

But does the very presence of the GOP incite damage and destruction? I don’t see pro-lifers who want to put America first doing any damage. A strong America is good for the world. I’m so glad to see the return of pride in America, patriotism, and love of country. It’s healthy. It’s good. Loving your country doesn’t mean you hate others.

This is one reason I support free speech, especially for people I disagree with. It allows them to bring their thoughts out of the echo chamber and expose them to the light.

God Bless America!